Getting Around Ames Research Center



When operating a motor vehicle on Ames Research Center, you are subject to all legal requirements imposed by the state of California, as well as Center-specific traffic and parking regulations and rules. The speed limit of most of Ames is 25 mph. Requirements are outlined in the Moffett Field Traffic Management Plan, Rules, Regulations and Vehicle Code (Ames Handbook 1600.5) This document can be accessed on the web at

Ames Transportation Information

Ames Research Center supports several programs to encourage commuting alternatives. Current ridesharing information, Santa Clara transit bus schedules and Cal-Trans train schedules are available to all interested employees. The Center also has a shuttle bus that has scheduled runs to the Cal-Trans/light rail terminal in Mountain View and the Lockheed bus stop. Bicycle lockers are available around the center.

Loaner Bicycles for Students and Researchers (on Center only)*

The Ames Bicycle Club has provided loaner bikes with helmets free of charge to visiting students and researchers for three years. Unfortunately, the club's fleet of bikes is getting old and finding parts and qualified volunteers to keep the fleet running is getting harder. The demand for loaner bikes keeps growing each year, but the club is no longer able to keep up with the demand. The club will continue to provide loaner bikes but on a first-come basis.

Ames orange-colored bicycles (called Free-Range Bikes)*

Bicycles are available throughout the Center and may be used by employees, contractors, and program participants for official purposes only. These orange-colored bicycles are parked at official bike racks outside of buildings. Bicycles may not be stored inside buildings and locks or signs may not be placed on the bikes to "reserve" them. Because these bikes cannot be reserved, a Program Participant's trip may be one way. When you borrow a bike, be prepared to walk back. To report a broken Free-Range bike, contact JS/Transportation, (650) 604-5207.

The Ames Bicycle Club has worked out a deal with two bicycle shops that will rent bicycles at a discount to Ames Bicycle Club members.

View offers and rates located on:

*All bicycle riders are required to wear helmets. Bicycle riders must also follow traffic rules, regulations, and policies. Please see APD 6711.1 (Bicycle Program) and APD 1600.5 (Ames Research Center Traffic Management Plan: Rules, Regulations, and Vehicle Codes.)