Hours of Duty

The Office of Education and Public Outreach sets Program participant work hours at 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM; this includes a 1-hour lunch. If you take a 30 minute lunch, your arrival can be 30 minutes later or your departure can be 30 minutes earlier. Arrival, lunch, and departure times should be relatively constant and work schedule changes kept to a minimum.

Some mentors and projects may require different working hours due to scheduled tests. Please discuss your work hours with your mentor. Exceptions to the set work hours will be allowed by the program coordinator at the request of the mentor.


Absence from work is limited to medical and family emergencies serious enough to keep the Program Participant away from his / her project. Mentors and Program Coordinators should be notified as soon as possible in advance of medical appointments and all other absences. Adjustments to your stipend will be made accordingly.


Unauthorized absence, insubordination, misconduct, negligence, failure to follow safety or security regulations, and theft or misuse of government property are among the various offenses for which disciplinary action or dismissal may be required.

Safety and Health

Ames places a high priority upon conducting its operations in a manner to minimize the risk of personal injury and property damage. That policy requires a firm commitment by all employees to safe work practices. The Safety, Environmental and Mission Assurance Directorate was established to assist in the development of those safe work practices and is available to all employees who have questions regarding safety and health matters. Each Ames facility has an assigned Facility Safety Representative and alternate. These individuals, in conjunction with your supervisor, assist in familiarizing you with workplace hazards, safety policies, and programs applicable to your work areas. Your supervisor has a copy of the Ames Health and Safety Manual available for your review. You may also access the Safety Manual and other Safety related documents at this website: