Individual Responsibility for Government Property

Everything located on the Center that is not clearly personal property is considered U.S. Government property. Government property may not be removed without written permission of the responsible organization’s property custodian including, but not limited to, scrap wood, computer paper, and other materials.

Each program participant is responsible for Government property as set forth in Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch. This includes:
  • As a NASA Program Participant, you have certain responsibilities to protect government information and property. These responsibilities can vary, depending on your job assignment.
  • The proper use, care, and protection of all government equipment under the individual’s custody and control. A government employee may be subject to disciplinary action for any loss, damage, or destruction of government property resulting from the employee’s negligence, misuse, dishonesty, or wanton and willful misconduct. Taking disciplinary action does not prevent the government, in appropriate situations, from enforcing other remedies which may be available to it, such as asserting a claim against the employee.
  • If such action is deemed warranted, the installation Chief Counsel will provide guidance. If disciplinary action is recommended, the matter will be referred to the employee’s supervisor who should contact the Human Resources Division for guidance. An employee will not be held liable for the loss, damage, or destruction of property resulting from the program participant performing or failing to perform an action because of reasonable error in judgment or because of physical limitation
  • Notify the supervisor, the appropriate Property Custodian, and the installation Security Office immediately if theft of Government property is suspected.
  • Ensure that equipment is used only in the conduct of official business.
  • Identify equipment not being actively used in pursuit of approved NASA programs and projects.
  • Ensure that equipment is turned in to Property Disposal Officer when no longer needed.
  • Under no circumstances will an program participant throw away government equipment.
  • Coordinate all equipment moves with the appropriate Property Custodian and the Property Manager.
  • Obtain Division Chief’s (or higher) signature of approval on NASA Form 892 (Property Pass Request and Removal Permit) before equipment is moved off-site.

Additional information on property related matters may be found on the Web at: