Other NASA Centers

NASA Headquarters

Washington, DC
NASA’s Headquarters provides overall guidance and direction to the Agency, under the leadership of the Administrator. Together, this skilled, diverse group of scientists, engineers, managers, and support personnel share the Vision, Mission, and Values that are NASA.


Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center

Edwards, California
Armstrong is NASA’s primary center for atmospheric flight research and operations. Armstrong is critical in carrying out the Agency’s missions of space exploration, space operations, scientific discovery, and aeronautical research and development (R&D).

Glenn Research Center

Cleveland, Ohio
Glenn develops and transfers critical technologies that address national priorities through research, technology development, and systems development for safe and reliable aeronautics, aerospace, and space applications.

Goddard Space Flight Center

Greenbelt, Maryland
Goddard’s mission is to expand knowledge of the Earth and its environment, the solar system, and the universe through observations from space.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Research Center

Pasadena, California
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is a research center managed by California Institute of technology. The primary function is the construction and operation of robotic exploration of the solar system.

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Houston, Texas
Johnson leads NASA’s effort in human space exploration.

John F. Kennedy Space Center

Cape Canaveral, Florida
Kennedy is leading the world in preparing and launching missions.

Langley Research Center

Hampton, Virginia
Langley continues to forge new frontiers in aviation and space research for aerospace, atmospheric sciences, and technology commercialization, to improve the way the world lives.

George C. Marshall Space Flight Center

Huntsville, Alabama
Marshall is the world leader in access to space and use of space for research and development to benefit humanity.

John C. Stennis Space Center

Hancock County, Mississippi
John C. Stennis Space Center, or Stennis Space Center (SSC), has served as NASA’s rocket propulsion testing ground.


Wallops Flight Facility

Wallops Island, Virginia
Wallops Flight Facility is the national resource for enabling low-cost aerospace-based science and technology research.

White Sands Test Facility

Las Cruces, New Mexico
White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) conducts simulated mission duty cycle testing to develop numerous full-scale propulsion systems.

IV and V Facility

Fairmont, West Virginia
The NASA IV&V vision is to provide assurance to our stakeholders and customers that NASA’s mission-critical software will operate dependably and safely.