Training in SATERN and Beyond

Mandatory IT Security Training

Information Technology (IT) security training is mandatory for all federal employees, contractors, students and associates who use NASA Federal IT assets and information. This applies to both supervisory and non-supervisory personnel. IT training has been a requirement for all federal agencies since the Computer Security Act of 1987, and the requirement was reinforced by the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002. NASA complies with this mandated training using the SATERN Learning Management System, which offers web-based access to training and career development courses.

The FY16 training materials are now available. Non-supervisory employees, contractors, and NASA partners and/or associates who are using NASA IT resources are all required to take the “FY 2016 Annual Information Security Training” course. This course provides an examination of security issues concerning technology systems and their information. Topics address user responsibilities and operating securely in a networked environment.

You will receive an email notification when you are clear to take the SATERN IT Training. You must set up your account as a "new user" in Launchpad. Instructions and the web link will be in the email.

The URL to log in to SATERN is:

Please be sure to take your IT Security training as well as the courses that pertain to your internship below. All modules pertaining to your work site are required to be completed before work is started.

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