The Volunteer Internship Program (VIP) Program Overview:

The Volunteer Internship Program allows students, who are attending school at least part-time, to donate their services to NASA Ames Resource Center. This opportunity provides students in high school through graduate school an opportunity for hands-on unpaid work experience with scientists, engineers, and project managers on a variety of NASA projects relating to current missions while simultaneously meeting educational goals. This program was established by Ames Research Center using the authority from Title 5 USC subsection 3111.

Student Qualifications for VIP Are:
1. Have an interest in NASA Ames Research Center projects:
2. Willingness to learn new things
3. U.S. Citizen (permanent residency does not qualify)
4. Minimum of a 3.0 on 4.0 scale (unweight) or better GPA
5. Enrolled in school at least half time when applying
6. Minimum, junior in high school and 16 years of age when applying
7. Letter of reference/support from school authorizing participation in the VIP
8. Submission of current transcripts (unofficial transcripts are okay)

Application Process (OSSI Application):

1. Complete an application on NASA’s One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI). or

2. Students will need the following to complete their OSSI application: At least 1 reference letter from a representative from your school (Your application will not be completed until your reference letter is submitted) and a transcript copy containing last completed academic session (unofficial transcripts are okay).

3. Request the "Summer 2017" and/or "Yearlong 2017" as desired session.

4. Students should look on the OSSI site for any open VIP opportunities and apply for them. VIP opportunities will include "VIP" in the title. Student applicants will be notified if matched to a NASA sponsor and selected into the program. Selected students will need to provide additional information to the Program Manager ASAP including: date and place of birth along with their Social Security number. Accepted students will be required to attend an orientation session; appropriate trainings in safety and IT, and participate in a student poster session or write a research paper outlining the assigned research project and work performed.